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Infrastructure and QC

With a range of state-of-the-art labelling machines, Jaspro has always managed to remain on top of the game. We are finicky about cleanliness and make sure our factory is spotless. The plant is centrally air conditioned to keep the environment dust-free. With a separate quality control section for inspecting the raw materials as well as validating the finished product, we make sure the printed labels are of the highest quality thereby reducing rework cost and minimising lead times.

The Raw Materials

There are quite a few important things to be taken care of while manufacturing and designing labels - the inks, adhesive papers, dies and blocks. We take great care to ascertain the fact that our raw materials remain perfect throughout the label printing lifecycle. There are separate rooms for the inks which are maintained at an optimal temperature to ensure there is no loss of viscosity. The papers are preserved appropriately to maintain its adhesive quality. Our storage capacity is very high which ensures a customer is not turned down due to paucity of raw materials.

Our Technology

Our secret to delivering excellent quality labels with a short turn around time lies in our technological investments. Our technical experts stay on top of their game by constantly scrutinizing newer models in label printers and QC equipment. Jaspro makes sure to invest in the right technology such as labelling machines, grammage testers, ink lay-down machines, digital ink measuring device and 24*7 power back-up generators for uninterrupted printing.

Check out our labelling solutions

We sell all kinds of labels to all kinds of businesses. Our quality is top notch and our service second to none.

  • Barcode Scanner

    Scan a myriad of product information in a jiffy from its corresponding barcode label!

  • Barcode Printer

    Code a wealth of product data on simple black and white lines on our labels!

  • Product Label

    We design and manufacture a huge range of products to suit your labelling needs.

  • Infrastructure

    We manufacture the best labels at the finest facility which boasts of a first-rate infrastructure.

Our Team

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

For the team at Jaspro, our customers are the greatest source of inspiration and learning. We are trained to analyse in depth about your needs, your market and your product while also making sure you stay up-to-date with any developments.

We make sure we receive regular feedback from our customers and ensure to act upon it. This important aspect has helped us to comprehend the market perspective through the eyes of our customers. How does it help? It gives our labels an edge over other products and makes it certain that our customers are happy with the end product.

Our team is regularly trained in any new technology which we invest in and are also QC trained. They are required to maintain proper hygiene standards inside the plant. Our Quality Assurance team oversees all the aspects in label printing from design to delivery.

At Jaspro, we ensure everybody gets equal opportunity to succeed and we make sure every interaction counts.